Thursday, November 13, 2008

the decision.

I have decided, after little trial and tribulation, to create another winter blog. Though I am sorry to say that I will not be in the far away land of Nepal, to many friends and family it probably seems like I am just as far. Living in the town of Essex, Montana (pop. 30) for the past three weeks has proven to be the most self-reflective and creativity-inducing time I have experienced since forcing myself to work on my senior show during the midnight hours in the St. Olaf Art Department three years ago. I have started so many projects this month I can't even keep track. Hopefully I can finish one. 

While working on one such project last week, I had the sudden urge to bake butter biscuits. Not one to dismiss such an impulse, I immediately dropped what I was doing and made some. And then I thought... hm. What if I kept track of what I ate this winter? Not like one of those creepy food diaries, but more of an interactive-multimedia-cookbook. I'm not sure if anyone will read this besides my mother and perhaps Rebecca or Emily or Chelsea, but if it were only for those few people and myself I would do it. 

Let's face it. I love to cook. Mostly because I love to eat. But I only like to eat good food (and who doesn't). And I think there might be some really interesting things that happen in the world of food in Essex come January. When the roads have two feet of blowing snow and I must resort to the random supplies that The Halfway House (no, not that kind of halfway house, it's a cafe down the road) can provide me with. I'm excited. There might even be some tales of other meals or happenings. And I would love it if others would provide as well. Good and bad, palate-pleasing/cleansing/horrifying. I want to hear it. 

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